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Laurie LatnerLaurie Latner, Certified Rolfer, was taught directly by Ida Rolf, PHD, 44 years ago. Her early background includes being a Montessori teacher, a student of Zen Buddhism, and training in Gestalt Therapy at the San Francisco Gestalt Institute. She studied with Charlotte Selver for over 20 years and now offers Sensory Awareness workshops to help her clients deepen their Rolfing experience.

“I find this work to be magical and get immense pleasure every time I witness clients moving into their full stature. Most people would say this is as uplifting to the spirit as it is to the body. Rolfing is a method of bringing the body towards its intended architectural design by slowly and gently reshaping its connective tissue network which is continuous from head to toe.

Ute's Room"This is accomplished over a progressive series of 10 sessions, each with its own specific goal,gradually bringing all the parts of the body into a balanced and integrated whole. As structural integrity is restored and tension is equalized throughout the entire body, symptoms usually disappear on their own. Movement becomes more graceful, effortless, and free of pain.”

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